Lindsay lohan’s tv show cancelled and mykonos club shutdown greek city times

Greece is among the countries with the most intense nightlife. It wasn’t that there weren’t any bars before, but as people discovered that that’s where students wanted to hang out and hear music, the music clubs and the liquor, so that took the place of the old eateries,” he says. Nightlife in athens is not all about sophisticated wine bars and cutting edge cocktails the city’s underground clubs draw their own crowd, who find their happy place among sticker-covered walls, hypnotic lights, loud music and low ceilings.

Opening clubs does not mean lohan has returned to the lifestyle they embody. Athens’ sophisticated bar scene includes anything from glamorous bars and hip arty hangouts to casual neighbourhood haunts. It is not a rare occasion for international vips that visit athens, thessaloniki or mykonos to call us up and make a request for an authentic greek live stage experience.

Another of the quintessentially athenian all day bars that faces monastiraki with expansive views of plaka and the acropolis. Come join the locals in popular nightspots across town as they relax, unwind and spend time with friends, drink and music. Check out who is playing at gargarin 205 live music space by keeping your eyes open for posters which are placed all over athens and especially in psiri.

Thanks to our vast connections in the hospitality industry, our luxury experts have the capacity to arrange for you a variety of nightlife activities: be it access to invitation-only vip events, last-minute reservations at some of the finest en vogue club athens, party limo services or all-night body guarding escorts for hnwi’s and highly sensitive individuals.

Sundays’ hosts showtime party” share their funky rnb beats. The greek singers that you listen on the radio, every night perform at bouzoukia. Get to know the many faces of greek nightlife: chill out at luxury hotel bars and retro joints on the islands, while moonlight streams down on picturesque harbours. Kittaro is a longtime club on archaonon and epierou streets near platia victoria (tel 210-822-4134), look for posters or check athinorama magazine.

Imagine large clubs, good times galore and plenty of cocktails flowing. The famous greek stars singers will be found at the big bouzoukia-nightclubs. There are a lot of wonderful nightclubs athens which are perfect for having a drink, dancing and partying until the morning hours. Come nightfall, athens is undoubtedly one of the liveliest european capitals.

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