Akanthus summer time

One of many glories of Athenians is that within less than a hour you can reach a port from where you can sail off to any of the hundreds of beautiful islands. In addition to djing, she is also involved in the official remixes of songs by performing the remixes of artists such as karafi, blau, vikos macropoulos, kassi dima etc. Each year his recordings are made by cobalt music. Akanthus also works in other regions of Greece such as Nafplio, Rethymnon and Paros. The Greek singer, shined in the famous Athenaeum and entertained, more than 2,000 followers who overwhelmed Akanthus with her all time golden hits.

After the tip of the summer season, the Akanthus Club returns to its winter base to monopolize for another year our nightly interest and to be named as the ultimate destination destination and heat in the most beautiful way throughout our winter evenings. The authority of the Akanthus stage summer season membership will give you the best quality cocktails and other drinks right here.

Super star breaks vandi, shortly before her big summer tour with the legendary musical mamma mia “, where she has been participating for the last two years, rewarded her viewers with a novel sold out live act that came about in the absolute summer spot of the city “Akanthus night club. The summer club, with a capacity of 3,500 people, is located on the coastal (alimos) and winter capacities of 2,000 people in the gas field.

They have no sun beds available for up to 5 people at akanthus seaside. The menu this yr acanthus adjusts and turns into more inexpensive with new summer dishes. It has established itself in the consciousness of all because of the selection of the summer season and gives everyone the chance to make the most beautiful escape from the regular life of the city.

The preferred include Akanthus summer season club (alimos), disco vinilio (glyfada), holy spirit beach bar (varkiza), bikini seashore bar (poseidonis ave) and bolivar beach bar (poseidonos ave). With the evening club (the new challenge from Sideradiko), you can enjoy unforgettable and frenetic nights with greek sounds. Kalimpassieris Maritime participated within the garde greece, the 2016 beach volley event, held on the Akanthus summer time membership, alimos-athens, on June 16, 2016, and proudly won the bronze medal.

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